Management theory:
Market:The demand of the market is the starting point and goal of all production and operating activities; and product quality is foundation and guarantee of obtaining the marketshare.
Technology: The continual renovation of technology can improve the product quality; the perfection of the process can strengthen the improvement of product quality.
Training: The actual effect of training the staff members is shown in the improvement of the product quality; the satisfaction of the customers is the best repayment of the training.
Service: The service for the customers runs through the whole course of quality improvement; meet customers’ demands and realize overbalanced service with high quality.

Quality Policy:
Make great efforts to become the first-choice supplier of rectification devices and silicon semiconductor chip products for electronic manufacturing enterprises both at home and abroad. Guided by the need of the market, we need to strengthen business administration, develop the new products, improve the production technology, perfect service system and meet the requirements and demands of the customers.

Corporate culture spirit:
1. Spirit of dedication to our mother country Have deep love for the motherland, observe disciplines and obey laws, create profits, fulfill promises and reciprocate the society.
2. Teamwork spirit
Regard the enterprise’s goal as the standard for judgment; being able to sacrifice the individual’s or a group’s interests for the interests of the company; unite and cooperate to make progress altogether.
3. Pioneering and competing spirit
We advocate positive competition, innovation and striving to make progress in order to integrate the personal goal and capability with the goal and development of the company.
4. Quality and responsibility spirits
Keep learning to improve personal comprehensive quality and the technological level and sense of responsibility. Try to reach the requirement of first-class products and first-class personal moral quality.
5. Diligent spirit
In order to realize the goal of the company, we need to bear hardships, overcome the difficulty in a conscientious and down-to-earth manner.
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